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How I Found Love While Travelling

How did it start?

We became sadder and feel lonely when we stay at home. I was about to suicide in those days. Then I decided to open my scars and went on a trip. The day I was about to depart, I forgot my home at home. So, I rushed home took back my phone. When I reached the Airport I was running towards the terminal. During the rush, I strike with a guy. This was the moment destiny gave us the signal that you both are made for each other. 

Well, I was in a hurry because my group was already on the plane. So, I completed the custom suited and entered into the plane. I was looking for my seat and here I was in shock. My seat was adjacent to the same guy. I was very rude in those days and I became irritated. This was the situation I decided to change my seat. After talking to air hostess I came to know there is no seat. 

I have to sit with him. After some time, I fell asleep and I was out of conscious. My bad habit of sleeping. I forget where I am? Suddenly I felt that my head was slipping on someone’s head. I had never assumed that I will sleep on anyone’s else shoulder than my boyfriend. I was feeling relax and after two months I was in peace. When I opened my eyes my head was on his shoulder. I became shy and look at him. The love in his eyes melted the first sheet of my heart core. 

This was the point we started to talk and after 2 hours we became known persons from strangers. We ate our meal together and our choice was the same. Nature was giving me continuous signals that he is for me. When we landed, my heart became sad. I could not afford to separate from him. We both took the first step and hugged each other. We thought this would be our Goodbye hug. But, suddenly we both canceled our plans. We decide to spend our days together and I allowed myself to let out of my control. Then I fell in love with him. We spent almost 3 weeks and that tour became the most beautiful experience of my life. This experience made me forget my pain. Finally, he proposed to me and now I am writing my story by sitting with my husband. 

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