If it doesn’t, they’ll be a novelty at best. Replaces a power axe with one that is S+3, AP-3, D3 damage and gives the bearer Kharn’s ability, i.e. In addition to having special rules for each legion’s units, each legion also has access to its own Warlord Traits, Relics, and Stratagems, and some have access to their own special characters. While Dark Apostles aren’t quite as good in melee combat as the more versatile Space Marine Chaplains, they make up for it by being able to take Dark Disciples, which improve their prayer odds to 2+, and make it much easier to rely on casting something like Benediction of Darkness, Warp-sight Plea, or Illusory Supplication every turn. If you just stopped in to check on something or look for ideas on a single unit, that’s cool too. Fabius doesn’t belong to any legion, and can be included in a Legion detachment without breaking Legion traits, but the other thing he does for you is, when he’s your warlord, is allow you to instead turn any units in your army into CREATIONS OF BILE, who are effectively a legion of their own with their own relics and stratagems. On the downside, they all have the. Use at the end of your Shooting phase and pick a SLAANESH Infantry or Biker unit. The Obliterator and Mutilator re-rolls are theoretically useful, but both of those units are usually teleporting in and will be far away from a footbound Master of Possession. Again, at no increased cost. Warlord trait to get you to functionally ignoring AP-3 on 1 damage shooting weapons. Strategies for Playing Chaos Space Marines, You may have been able to get away with ignoring objectives in 8th, but you, can’t in 9th; you need a plan to take objectives and hold them for several turns and that means durable units that can survive being out in the open. Endless Cacophony lets you shoot again at the end of the Shooting phase. Last update was at 2017/06/12 18:00:15, This message was edited 1 time. Dark Apostles are a powerful addition to your army, but remembering to activate prayers at the start of a battle round can be hell if you’re not used to playing with them. One final thing to note is that the Lord Discordant is a CHARACTER, so they get the Legion Traits thanks to errata, but not INFANTRY, so they can’t use some stratagems and abilities, such as, The other cheap HQ choice for Chaos Space Marines, the Master of Executions is a wonderful backline support character, able to hang back and quickly wade into combat for counter-charges when needed, thanks to his. Make sure your army is packing enough obsec units to accomplish this, or if not, can mulch a lot of units off an objective at once. It trades off access to Legion Traits (it’s not a HELBRUTE) for the upsides of being a Daemon Engine – a 5+ save, access to the Daemonforge Stratagem, and receiving buffs that target DAEMON and DAEMON ENGINE units. The standout from the weapon list is combi-plasma, and taking these on most/all models leaves you with a unit that’s still pretty aggressively-costed and can throw out hefty amounts of damage into most targets. Now that Tzeentch Winged Daemon Princes will cost you more, the vanilla codex crew are worth a bit more consideration. The mission structure in 9th rewards armies that don’t expose themselves to the kill secondaries. On the other side of things, Masters of Possession have access to the. Still not worth taking over your other options, though. Possessed were the superstars of late 8th Edition Chaos lists, but the transition to 9th Edition has, sadly, torpedoed them. 8th Edition, Chaos Space Marines, Matt-Shadowlord We now have access to a preview of the new Chaos Marines codex. Daemon Weapons are basically Relic weapons except they have the Daemon Weapon rule, which has you roll a D6 the first time you choose a model to fight each Fight phase. S User, AP -2, D2. You need a full detachment of a legion to unlock Legion traits and the Legion stratagems from Faith and Fury, but the relics and warlord traits from Faith and Fury plus the single stratagem for each legion that from the main codex only require you to have a Chaos Space Marine detachment (or a Chaos Space Marine warlord for the relics), so you can give a World Eaters Warlord the Slaughterborn warlord trait in a mixed detachment, or use the In Midnight Clad Stratagem (from the Codex) on a Night Lords unit in a mixed detachment. Several of these also have replacement options for Daemon Princes as well, so they aren’t just for Chaos Lords. Although 180 points is steep for a transport, the Chaos Terrax-Pattern Termite makes up for it by being an absolute, once it arrives on the table, demanding opponents deal with it as well as its deadly contents. Suddenly being able to land the ability of your choice either two thirds of the time (S or A) or. Helpful when you’re facing down a pretty nasty opponent and you just need to survive one extra round to hold them up. On the other hand, most of the units you’re going to bring with you are either already rocking a 5+ invulnerable save, or are too fast for the Apostle to keep up, really limiting the usefulness of this prayer in a Chaos Space Marines army. Faith and Fury introduced a new set of relics for every legion to access in Daemon Weapons. To pick a legion, you replace your keyword with a Legion of your choice (it can’t be Death Guard or Thousand Sons, who have their own rules). When fighting an IMPERIUM unit in melee, a hit roll of a 6+ gives the attacker an additional attack with the same weapon. Issue 50 of Warhammer 40,000: Conquest comes with a squad of ten Chaos Cultists, who feature in another small-scale game facing the Space Marine Scouts. Last update was at 2017/06/12 14:29:43, This message was edited 2 times. Venomcrawlers have seen varying levels of competitive play off the back of their ability to run quickly and put out a solid number of attacks for its points cost. T5 Terminators or T4 Cultists could be cool though. With 9th edition, Chaos Space Marines are in a weird spot. Chaos Space Marines have some great units that are fairly fragile and in the case of the Lord Discordant, frustratingly easy to target. Warp Talons had a brief time in the sun following the release of Faith and Fury but since the 9th edition Munitorum Field Manual points update have become far too expensive for what they provide, even with the buff to lightning claws. Now it looks as though they have some new life in 9th edition, where being a T5 unit with the amount of firepower they can put out (and not taking penalties for moving and shooting) combines with transports having more value to create something that, in the right armies, has has a lot more value. Try to build an army that will reliably be able to score at least two secondaries regardless of the opponent or situation, and then make your third pick contingent. If you’re not working with something like an untargetable blob of Possessed, the way you’re going to get around using this problem is through redundancy and threat saturation – that is, taking multiples of your key units such that it is impossible for your opponent to deal with all of them effectively before they can disrupt your opponent’s plans. There’s a ton of ground to cover, so rather than try and put it all in one article, we’ve chosen to put each legion and subfaction into its own section. With Daemon Engines and Obliterators being really priced to move in 9th Edition he’s an increasingly popular choice, and if you have a strategy that’s going in hard on either of these (or still using Possessed) you should almost always take one. The only downside to it is that a lot of the powers are on the higher end of Warp Charge casting requirements, and Chaos Sorcerers don’t have a ton of ways to make them easier to cast. Use when a Heretic Astartes infantry or biker that isn’t from a Renegade Chapter shoots or fights. Overall the Chaos Space Marine relics are pretty damn good – there’s something for every build here, and almost every legion has at least one stand-out relic. Unlike with Khorne Berzerkers, there’s not really a lot of compelling reasons to take Noise Marines outside of Emperor’s Children. Credits: That Gobbo. If you have 3 Chaos Vindicators within 6″ of each other, you can, instead of shooting with any of them, pick a point on the battlefield within 24″ of all three and roll a D6 for each unit within 3″ of that point, adding 1 if the unit has 10+ models and subtracting 1 if it’s a character. B+. Considering how MUCH cheaper they are, you can easily take two or three for the same price as one buffing unit for Cultists. Wonderful for large blobs of Cultists who otherwise don’t really have a save at all. The bigger, meaner cousin of the Death Guard Foetid Blight-Drone. Chaos Cultists Chaos Cults are the most dangerous of all those who plot to overthrow the rule of the Imperium from within. This is a weird option – throwing out mortal wounds is pretty good, but your damage ceiling is basically the number of attacks you make, and more often than not you’re just doing half your attacks as mortal wounds with this guy because the base attacks on this are awful. We’ve mentioned this above, but the Thousand Sons stratagems in Ritual of the Damned that affect RUBRIC MARINES are not locked to Thousand Sons units, so if you have a Thousand Sons Detachment and a Chaos Space Marines detachment with Rubric Marines in it, then you can use the Stratagems on those Rubric Marines, even if they’re say, Alpha Legion Rubric Marines enjoying that legion trait. Noise Marines are the Slaanesh-devoted Elite unit in the Chaos Codex, armed with Sonic Blasters that ignore cover and act as upgrades over standard marine bolters (though less so now that Bolter Discipline/Malicious Volleys exists). AP 0 isn’t great, and means that you typically don’t want them trying to weight-of-fire big vehicle targets, but against Intercessors, Ork boyz, or other large squads of infantry they’ll do some great work. It also ha. Chaos Space Marines now have access to the same Contemptor/Deredeo/Leviathan as loyalists, at the same cost. That ends up leaving the Word Bearers as the main place you can get some mileage out of a mid-sized unit simply because of the ability to slam the “damage 2” button whenever relevant. to turn them into a real beater capable of dropping multiple multi-damage strikes. Increases the range on Smite to 24″ for your Warlord. This is solid when it’s on and worthless when it’s not. This makes protecting your Lord Discordant is a tough prospect, and bringing three of them is way tougher than it used to be in 8th Edition. Possibly good enough to consider as a one-of but spending 3 CP to take a trio of them seems like a real tough sell. One of the most important units in the Chaos Space Marine army, Sorcerers are Psykers with access to Smite and two powers from the, Discipline. You can advance and charge in the same turn, and you can re-roll failed charges. On the other hand, commissars and priests are cheap non-unique characters that you can put in all your blob units whilst any of your Abaddon equivalent characters (allied in marines) don't have to baby sit. This is a huge buff, turning most of those 5+ auras into 4+ and stacking with, to get to that 3+. All Daemon Princes count as being the same unit for the Rule of Three, but with 9th’s list-building rules you aren’t that likely to run into that as a blocker. Each Dark Apostle comes with an OK melee statline (WS 2+, 4 Wounds, 3 attacks), a 4+ invulnerable save, an accursed crozius, and an aura that lets him share his Leadership with nearby units, which can be handy for keeping cultists on the table. They can come in squads of up to 20 and can include one Blastmaster under 10 models or two at more than 10; these act as souped-up Missile Launchers, with modes that are good for big targets and small, and they’re very efficiently costed. That’s about 50 points pricier than a Sonic Dreadnought was, but more resilient. This doesn’t replace anything (it’s an add-on you pay 5 points for) and it gives the Daemon Prince a 24″ Assault 2, S4, AP-1, 2 Damage gun that’s a handy add-on to an already formidable melee profile. T5 Terminators or T4 Cultists could be cool though. Pick a friendly Chaos Spawn, Possessed, or Cult of Destruction (obliterators/mutilators) within 18″. This just isn’t a big enough buff for that downside, and it suffers from only being D3 damage. Because of this and their overall power level, the powers you can pull off here make a Chaos Sorcerer or two basically auto-includes in Chaos Space Marine armies, and worth splashing in a sorcerer or two in a Death Guard army. Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion both have a few other tricks that can make these useful, and you end up with a unit that’s sometimes OK, but hardly lighting up the world. Because the Heretic Astartes powers are not legion-locked, they can be from any legion and help Chaos Space Marines from any other, and you can give one a Jump Pack to increase their mobility, which is handy for when you need to be within 3″ of your target to cast Warptime. 8th Edition: My first thoughts窶ヲ Late! If this was flat 3 damage, we’d be talking. 9th edition is here and with it a host of new rules, points, and FAQs that have completely changed the game. In all, you want these when you know you’ll be going up against infantry, and that means they’re good against marines, particularly since they’re 2 damage They aren’t quite as much of a relative boost thanks to the buff to lightning claws, but they’re more useful given how the meta has shifted. Until the next Psychic Phase, re-roll hit and wound rolls of 1 for friendly Daemon units within 6″ of the Psyker. On that note, you’ll often want to consider how you can get more value from the other two armies – even in mixed detachments, Winged Daemon Princes, Thousand Sons Sorcerers, and Ahriman are powerful psykers capable of doing incredible damage even without the Thousand Sons legion trait or stratagems. Replaces a Nurgle model’s Power Fist. This is already much better than the regular Daemonic Ritual, in part because it doesn’t lock you into standing still, but it’s even more hoops to jump through to do something that just isn’t all that helpful to most game plans. While they might retain something of their beliefs and honour, the corruption siphons away their resolve, turning them against the very things they love and respect. The Greater Brass Scorpion dropped 75 points in the Imperial Armour Compendium while going up to 28 wounds.It has some nasty tricks up its sleeve, like the ability to shrug off psychic powers on a 4+ and a pair of Helcrusher claws that give it some very deadly melee options. The randomness used to make this a bit questionable, but as of WoTS he can bring along a Surgeon Acolyte, who lets him add or subtract one from that roll. A unit of Teleporting 4W Infantry with 6 shots each firing Fleshmetal weapons at 24″, they can put out a lot of damage, they’re pretty tough thanks to having T5, 2+/5++ saves, and 4 wounds apiece. You can find information on how to play them in their own Start Competing articles, which will be updated soon. Just be careful about opening yourself up to, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), The Narrative Forge: Writing Better Battle Reports, Malicious Volleys (formerly Bolter Discipline), Build Armies that are Difficult to Pick Secondaries Against, Stack Effects With Endless Cacophony and Fury of Khorne, Getting Better at Warhammer 40,000: Upping Your Game, Getting Better at Warhammer 40,000: Understanding Probability, Start Competing: 40K Deployment Tactics – Surviving Turn Zero, Start Competing: This Game is Actually Not Bullshit – Playing From Behind and Hanging On When You Are Ahead, incredibly official Goonhammer store on RebBubble, Although they have their own Codexes, both. When a unit with this ability stays stationary during the Movement phase (or is a TERMINATOR, BIKER, or HELBRUTE) fires a Rapid Fire bolter weapon, it can make double the number of attacks. Their biggest value is the ability to kit them out in a ton of different ways, and of these the most useful loadout is either 5 plasma guns or 5 meltaguns and putting them in a Termite Assault drill so they can pop out and drop a bunch of surprise shooting on someone before they die horribly. Now sitting at 135 points, it’s a more attractive option than it was before if you need a cheap unit to score Engage on All Fronts. Renegades Dark Raiders: Units 窶ヲ Fundamentally there are a few ways to run Decimators: Decimators combine the resilience of a Defiler with the smaller profile of a Helbrute and act as an interesting middle ground between the two. cost wise to make it at least fun to use. Able to scuttle forward and reliably destroy enemy targets in melee – especially marines – while controlling the board and sometimes maybe hitting things with its guns, the Defiler is a nasty piece of work, even when not accompanied by a Lord Discordant. Daemon Princes of Khorne come with an extra attack (meh), while the other three flavors are Psykers that know Smite and a single other power, making them versatile weapons who can boost their combat prowess or cast an extra warptime in a pinch. The triple whammy of losing Specialist Detachments, the addition of the Desperate Breakout Stratagem and the impact of Blast means that Possessed have plunged from being one of the best units in the army to a fringe choice at best. Unfortunately 9th edition doesn’t really want what they’re trying to do, so even though they’re reasonably costed at 155 points with two Hades autocannons and an Ectoplasma cannon, more melee-capable daemon engines are better options. When combined with these Stratagems and another legion trait, Rubric Marines can be pretty nasty.