Address women’s leadership challenges and needed competencies. With a woman owning the CEO suite, Deloitte knows a thing or two about identifying and promoting female leaders. Lifestyle Solutions Younger female employees are attracted to the virtual model, too. Work-from-home options: Forget Marissa Mayer’s gambit at Yahoo a few years ago, when she eliminated telecommuting, which she claimed was hurting productivity. You may want to consider offering concierge services that will help make the lives of your employees easier, and attract mothers. One increasingly popular benefits plan is a cafeteria plan where employers allocate a specific amount of money to apply to the benefits the employee wants. Benefits are undergoing transformational change under the COVID-19 era, and what used to be a standard package 20 years ago may now be inadequate. Alternative schedules, including remote and mobile work options for working moms are common. Home office and flexible work hours are also allowed in some cases. They help your employees recharge, find a better work life balance, plan for the future, reduce financial stress, and enjoy the work environment. The salary allotment plan is a voluntary payroll deduction program, allowing your employees to purchase life insurance and/or annuity products. Training and employee development top the list, supported by P&G’s many training programs, varied assignments, generous tuition reimbursement, and the Corporate Women’s Leadership Team (CWLT), a group that advances mentoring and sponsorship for potential female leaders. Women, too, value fitness-oriented benefits more than men: yoga, Barre and spin classes are all gaining in popularity. Employee Benefits Attract, reward and retain quality employees; Helping members today and in the future. It is well known that women across the U.S. on average still earn less than men in comparable jobs. Women face many challenges in the U.S. private sector workforce breaking glass ceilings is just one of them. CareerAddict is a registered trademark of DeltaQuest Media. Remember the breast milk thing? They study employee retention matrices carefully and know that female-friendly benefits attract talent and keep it at home. Lead 6 Powerful Ways to Keep Your Top Female Employees Hiring and promoting talented women is the right thing to do for society- and it's an economic imperative. This platform makes a women’s entire breast health history, including prior mammogram images, digitally available to an employee and her healthcare providers. As companies continue to compete for the best women candidates, they’ll be laying down even more lavish incentives –watch for it. Focus on the benefits that promote work-life balance. Anything that is going to help make everyday life easier for your employees will make your company one that mothers will want to work for. Female leaders rule in this pharmaceutical firm, 60 percent of business units are headed by women. These fitness benefits typically pay dividends to the companies that sponsor them in the form of healthier employees that lead to lower medical spend for self-insured employers and potentially lower insurance rates for those with third party payers. But here’s the thing: People spend the majority of their waking hours at work, and they want to … Because you don’t have as many employees as a big corporation, employees might need to do a little bit of each job. A final piece of the company culture: formalizing mentorship opportunities for women, so they have greater chances to advance within the organization. The survey also found that 80% of employees would choose additional benefits over a pay raise. Diversity initiatives that include policies for women are proven to be hugely beneficial. EY’s aggressive promotion of talented women is accomplished through a two-year leadership program, and an international professional women’s network. If you’ve never heard of these unusual employee benefits, you probably will soon. Daycare is offered at many facilities. The international consumer products manufacturer tenaciously recruits and promotes women by rolling out some excellent perks. In a Glassdoor survey, around 60% of respondents reported that they strongly consider perks and benefits offered before accepting a job offer. WL Women, for example, offers a date, time and place for female employees of all levels to talk about issues, trends, recruitment and advancement. All rights reserved. More employers are offering family-friendly benefits like paid maternity leave and fertility services to attract and retain employees. All new moms can take up to one year of unpaid maternity leave, and employees may take up to three months of unpaid time off to pursue personal interests. In many cases, benefits improve with time such that employees are given incentives to stay with a firm. Your staff will stay longer and you won’t have to constantly replace employees. Get specific about when and how to close out administrative checkpoints for the end of the year, and delegate responsibilities accordingly. Moms get 4 months of paid maternity leave, a cash baby bonus and reimbursement for daycare fees. To be sure, leverage your data to uncover and prioritize your … When it comes to mental health issues, employers can bear a disproportionate share of the costs, many of which are related to absenteeism in the workplace. Companies need to make employee benefit marketing a priority in order to attract and retain their best employees. Does Sexism in the Workplace Still Exist? Though women make up 47% of the American workforce, this number dwindles the higher they move up in the ranks. address: The Black Church, St. Mary’s Place, Dublin 7, Ireland. The consulting and services company allows traveling moms to express-ship breast milk to their babies back home, and offers them a range of flex-work options, like compressed work weeks and reduced hours. When checking past employment, look for prospective employees who don't have a history of jumping from job to job. Paid holidays and sick leave. Employees can get creative with their schedules and even take sabbaticals for personal reasons. Broadcast Your Benefits, Culture & Policies. Female-focused workplace benefits . New moms receive sixteen weeks of paid maternity leave, and generous adoption benefits. It isn’t paid maternity leave or on-site day care that women find most attractive, but ‘gender neutral’ benefits including telework, mentorship programs and paid training. This can help them develop their skills, a benefit that 87% of millennials and 69% of non-millennials want. When you treat sexual harassment and gender discrimination with the seriousness these matters deserve, you create a positive environment for the working women in your company. Most employees value transparency, but there are certain benefits and cultural issues … Flexible hours and work-from-home options are another area where P&G excels. Employee benefits. For others, it might be paid maternity leave, onsite daycare centers and flexible work hours. Women are great to inspire and motivate employees at workplace. An international health products company, offers a slew of "work life programs" to benefit women, including adoption assistance, no-cost counseling on personal and family topics, free onsite child care or subsidies for offsite daycare, reimbursement for fertility treatments, and the Mothers at Work Program, which provides 24/7 breastfeeding counseling and support. Put it in writing. Here are a few tips for companies on how to attract and retain their valuable women employees. The wealth management firm says the pandemic has proven how invaluable the benefit is for retaining talent. Others perks include alternative work schedules, professional development programs galore, global mentoring, and women’s employee networks. Many come up through the Executive Female Leadership Program or are given a boost by in-house women’s networks and generous tuition reimbursement for employees who pursue MBAs. Other innovations that appeal to women: Twitter, a leader in novel benefits, has introduced on-site acupuncture. Facilities like childcare, ATM machine at work, work from home, elder care, oil change etc were not offered by the management before women started to … When it comes to encouraging other team members around them or allow others to flourish as a more efficient employee, women are the best. In some cases, investing in inclusive employee benefits and perks can help you attract and retain candidates from underrepresented minorities.